Director of Student Affairs Office

Welcome to the Office of the Director of Student Affairs


Our mission is to provide psychosocial support and empower students to achieve their full potential as they navigate through the complexities of the University experience.

Our Vision

We aspire to create an environment for students’ success and a culture that supports and promote the health and wellbeing of students.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Student-centred
  • Fairness and inclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Personal responsibility
  • Accountability 

The Office of the Director of Student Affairs is committed to providing essential programmes and services in support of students’ academic, personal and professional development. The Office is staffed with experienced members who are ready and able to assist students understand policies and procedures of the University as well as raising awareness and connecting them to campus resources.

We strive to provide information and resources that assist students overcome a broad range of issues which may impact their academic performance including those related to the academic, financial, emotional and psychological aspect. Our team works closely with both administrative and academic members of staff on campus, parents, alumni, and the community at large to best assist students to accomplish their personal, professional and academic goals. MUBAS admits students of good caliber who have what it takes to be successful. We believe in our students and their potential.

Support Services

Students Support Centre

The Student Support Centre serves as the first contact point for students to walk-in, call, or email. It is a guide to students on where to go on campus to seek different services.

Academic Consultations

The Student Support Centre offers consultations and guides students facing academic challenges with great concern for their performance and progress. Such sessions encourage students to improve and meet their academic goals. Other consultations involve class absence and options for withdrawing from the University. 

Financial Assistance

The Office of the Director of Student Affairs assists underprivileged students in need of financial support secure loans and scholarships to cater for their financial needs in the University.

Psychosocial services

The institution has a vibrant Student Counseling Centre. It offers counseling and psychological services which are caring, confidential and comprehensive to achieve and maintain a healthy emotional and mental wellbeing for students to gain healthy life skills and academic excellence.

When to visit or call the Student Support Centre

  • Contemplating leaving or withdrawing from the University in light of academic challenges resulting from physical or mental health issues.
  • Extenuating life circumstances with an unforeseen financial crisis.
  • Seeking assistance to get connected to campus support services.
  • Absence from academic activities.
  • Reporting a concern about well-being or safety of themselves, another student, or the community and disturbing behaviour of a student or members of the community.
  • Affected by discrimination or sexual harassment.

Meet our Team

Gertrude Cynthia Sitolo-Banda
Director of Student Affairs

Maria Billiat

CEO-Student Welfare

Rev. Patrick M’banga
University Chaplain

Isaac Mbewe

Hostel Supervisor

Matrida Maseya
Administrative Office


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Office Contact Details

Physical Address MUBAS Main Campus
Postal Address Private Bag, 303, Chichiri Blantyre, 3.
Phone +265 1870 411; +265 999 639 988