Office of the Executive Dean

The duties and influence of a dean vary slightly, depending on the faculty, but in general deans’ roles are very similar. Deans play a central role, individually and as a group, in the college's academic administration.

Deans are involved centrally in issues including strategic planning, budget, curriculum, facilities and research. Moreover, they are key participants in external relations of the university, including fundraising, alumni relations, economic development, political priorities and public relations.

Deans support and promote the highest quality educational programs, research, public service and economic development activities of their respective faculties and departments.

All Executive Deans

Assoc Prof. Mphatso Kamndaya

School of Science and Technology

PREng. Dr. W. Kuotcha

School of Built Environment

Dr. R. Hanif (Acting Dean)

School of Business and Economic Sciences

Dr K. Kanyoma

School of Education, Communication and Media Studies

Assoc Prof. B. Mkandawire

School of Engineering