University Registrar Office

If one needs a job at the Polytechnic, one will have to go through the Polytechnic registrar, but that is not all. The holder of the office of the registrar has the main responsibility of providing the college with academic administration, human resources management, general administration and student welfare services. In short, the registrar works with his assistants to follow up on the nitty-gritty details that make the Polytechnic run. 

The registrar is responsible to the principal and is responsible for the following officers: assistant registrar (academic), assistant registrar (human resources), assistant registrar (administration), assistant registrar (student welfare), and the estates development officer. Effectively, then, this is the management office with broadest purview.

With respect to human resources, the office of the registrar coordinates the recruitment process of college staff, sees to staff welfare matters, coordinates staff development plans, supervises and appraises staff, and oversee management of staff contracts. Administratively, he or she attends to legal matters and coordinates the welfare issues of the college. On the academic front, the registrar’s office works in conjunction with the office of the vice principal to ensure the preparation and administration of exams, and to carry out all the necessary academic procedures pursuant to educating and graduating students from the various programmes at the Polytechnic.  

Concomitantly, the registrar also works with the principal to manage the college by ensuring the availability of funds for the day-to-day running of the Polytechnic, which may typically involve representing the college at various fora and to disparate stakeholders. The responsibility of being the registrar, necessarily, entails a fair amount of monitoring and evaluating to see that programs are executed well and on time, and to maintain fiscal discipline. The registrar also works through the office of the estates development officer to take care of the infrastructural needs of the Polytechnic. 

Office Contact Details

Physical Address MUBAS - Administration Building
Postal Address Private Bag 303, Chichiri, Blantyre 3.
Phone 0111871621