Senior Staff Common Room

The Senior Staff Common Room (SSCR). What a place! Located on the second floor of the MUBAS main building, the common room, as it is simply called, was conceived as a recreational area for administrative and academic (AA) members of staff. It is at once a lounge, a restaurant, a pub, and a game room. In other words, it is the most popular room on campus, at least among the senior staff, because it always has something beneficial to offer for their general welfare.

Say you skip breakfast in the morning, not a problem. You can catch a bite to eat by placing your order with the restaurant in the common room. They are happy to oblige. Alternatively, the bar has cakes, samosas, and various other snacky foods that could also satisfy your hunger. By lunch hour, the SSCR is abuzz with the sound of chatter and forks scraping china. Lunch is served! At the restaurant, you will find an assortment of food, including beef, goat meat, and local chicken, served with your choice of starch—nsima, rice, or chips. It is all quite delectable.    

On any given evening, you will find members of staff seated around the lounge area, soft—or strong—drink in hand, watching a soccer game or the news on TV. In a quiet mood, suit yourself: relax in one of the lounge chairs and read the complimentary newspaper. Others will be comfortable by the bar counter, whereas others will be shooting pool. There is something for everyone in the common room. And, yes, it is also among the safest places at the Polytechnic. Phones and laptops never disappear; fights never appear. Civilized guests are welcome to the SSCR at the MUBAS. It’s quite the place.