School of Built Environment

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PREng. Dr. W. Kuotcha


The School of Built Environment is responsible for transferring knowledge and skills in the management of land and man- made environment, which includes roads, buildings, and town planning, among others. Specifically, the School is responsible for teaching, learning, research, consultancy, and outreach services in areas of land surveying, physical planning, land economy, quantity surveying and architecture to produce accomplished professionals in the aforementioned specialities. All the programs in the school are housed at Chichiri Campus.

Academic Members of Staff 

Besides teaching, most of the academic members of staff are also active in the real estate sector, broadly defined. They consult for individuals, companies, and even the government, and are also active in conducting academic and professional research. This, then, means that there is cross-pollination of knowledge between the professional and academic. Students are taught to use the most sophisticated surveying tools used in the industry, such as GPS receivers, drones, GIS, 3D scanners, and surveying software. It is no exaggeration to say that the professional and academic work carried out by members of this school is among the most impactful at the university.    

School of Built Environment Programmes