Quality Assurance Office

The quality assurance director (QAD) at the MUBAS is the person responsible for monitoring and evaluating the delivery of services at the institution. Being that MUBAS is an institution of higher learning, the QAD mainly works to ensure that the preparation of academic programmes and the delivery of modules by lecturers is in keeping with the standards of excellence that are expected at the university.

It is the responsibility of the QAD to initiate the process of quality assurance by monitoring the modules and courses in all programmes of the university. The QAD works with deans to formulate the university quality monitoring framework, including negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards and/or specifications and formulating a calendar that will be used in the quality monitoring process. In this vein, the QAD receives feedback from both the deans and the university senate. He or she must assist in organizing and contributing to the induction of staff on matters to do with quality assurance, including seminars and workshops that may happen from time to time. 

With the assistance of the various deans, the QAD coordinates staff performance evaluation by students and analyzes the data with heads of departments every semester. The QAD also serves as the secretary on the College Committee on Teaching and Learning (CULT) and works with deans to ensure that this committee is informed of the outcomes of internal and external evaluations. In this vein, the QAD must submit college-level reports on the quality monitoring excercise for submission to the College Academic Board and the senate. 

Special mention should be made of the role the QAD plays in reviewing programmes. First, he or she must prepare a schedule indicating when the various programmes will be reviewed. Once the programmes are reviewed, the QAD works with deans to produce a report to be submitted to college committees and the senate. The QAD also maintains a record of when the programmes were reviewed and maintains programmes from external examiners. It is also the responsibility of the QAD together with other officials to decide who among the staff goes for further training, and to train the staff in quality assurance matters. 

The QAD coordinates the process of conducting an academic audit and producing a report for the College Academic Board. He or she also works with deans of faculties to coordinate and facilitate the process of accrediting various programmes. In the same vein, the QAD collages and distributes information from accrediting bodies, such as the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), and other relevant professional bodies.  

Office Contact Details

Physical Address MUBAS Main Campus - Rear Cafeteria Building
Postal Address Private Bag 303, Chichiri, Blantyre 3.
Phone +265 (111) 879310
Email qad@mubas.ac.mw