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EST car wash
October 25, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi And Chikondi Chingota
EST car wash

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Grant  Kululanga
Prof Grant Kululanga - Principal

Update Following the Presidential Declaration on COVID-19 Pandemic

Announcement   Registrar   March 22, 2020

Following the Presidential declaration that all schools, universities and colleges close in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Management in conjunction with Council of the University of Malawi would like to inform all staff and students that the College has been given a waiver to finish administering end of Semester examinations that werein progress. Therefore, Management advises as follows:

i. All students sitting for end of semester examinations will proceed as scheduled,

ii. All classes for postgraduate and students pursuing various programmes at CEC and MDC are postponed with immediate effect,

iii. All diploma and undergraduate students writing examinations are advised to leave campus as soon as they finish their final examination paper.


Students are reminded to complete the clearance form before departure.


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