MUBAS empowers communities through education on water management.

News   Lucy Isaac   November 17, 2023
PIC: Chidziwitsano demonstrates how to disinfect the Borehole
Clean and safe water is essential for life and holds immense significance. In recognition of this, the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), through the WASHTED project, conducted community outreach in Mpemba, Blantyre. The aim was to actively engage local communities and raise awareness about educational opportunities related to water management.

The outreach held in October 2022 involves the comprehensive involvement of the local community members, from the maintenance of water sources to safeguarding the water they provide.

On this day, community members were oriented on how to disinfect the borehole, which is their main source of water. They were also educated on how they can treat the drinking water using chlorine to ensure it is safe for consumption.

Dr. Kondwani Chidziwitsano, a lecturer at MUBAS and a research fellow for WASHTED, urged the community members to follow the instructions they have been given regarding the water treatment process.

"Safe and clean water is one of the sustainable development goals in Malawi, so as a country, we have a great role to play. I urge all of you to actively engage yourselves in practicing these methods, said Chidziwitsano.

The visit by MUBAS demonstrates the institution’s dedication to empowering local communities through education. It showcases the potential for creating a sustainable and conscientious society by fostering knowledge and active participation.

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