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Ralph Tenthani Series on Freedom of Expression
May 20, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi / Chapter Banda
Ralph Tenthani Series on Freedom of Expression

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Food Science laboratory producing nourishments

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   December 13, 2018
PIC: Some of the products produced at the Food Laboratory
The Department of Physics and Biochemical Sciences under the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic has embarked on producing dairy products and confectioneries from its food laboratory for revenue generation.

According to the lecturer in charge, Ulemu Chimimba, she thought of utilizing the skills as food scientist by producing various foods like, fruit juices, milk shakes, yoghurt, cakes among others which could be sold to lecturers and students.

“In this department we teach food science, I decided to use the same skills to help in generating income for the renovation of the food laboratory,” Chimimba explained.

Chimimba added that since the college teaches theory, she thought it wise to start teaching students the practicality of food science so that whenever they graduate they should acquire both practical and theory skills.

“Food has the power to kill people if it is not properly prepared, however, this program will encourage students to be passionate about it. This will enable them to identify irregularities in the food production, in the industry,” She elaborated.

In order to ensure that the produced food contains the appropriate ingredients, Chimimba works hand in hand with the laboratory technician Patricia Kamwachale.

Kamwachale explained that this department has the advantage of having the food tested at the biology and chemical laboratories which are all under this same faculty.

“Since all these laboratories are at our disposal it is an added advantage for the food scientists to have a fill of food production while at school before going to the industry,” Kamwachale explained.

The Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences Ishmael Kosamu commended the development by the Food Science lecturer’s initiative in both revenue generating activities and also equipping students with practical skills.

“This is a welcome development because it helps students to gain confidence in practicing what they learn in class, at the same time food is easily accessible and convenient on campus,” Kosamu explained.

One of the customers, Head of Department in the Language and Communication, Victor Chikoti, expressed his satisfaction on one of the products he purchased produced at the Food laboratory.

“The juice is very good, the taste is natural, it has no sugar, no preservatives which makes it 100% mango juice proudly made right here at the Polytechnic,” Chikoti observed.

 A final year student of Environmental Science and Technology, Moses Sumani, explained that the production of these products gives students an opportunity to have hands on experience.

“As final year students we are able to link theory to practice at the same time, appreciating science and technology behind food production,” he added.

The Food Laboratory is being registered under the Malawi Bureau of Standards Act in order to have a food license which will authorize it to provide catering service within and outside the Polytechnic.

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