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Journalism students  symposium focuses on balance in media coverage
November 23, 2018, Hazviperi Mbizi
Journalism students symposium focuses on balance in media coverage

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Allan Chowe - Coping up Life at the University with Entrepreneurship

Article   Poly News   August 21, 2017
PIC: Allan Chowe at work
Allan Chowe, is a skilled individual with an entirely distinct talent. Chowe is a final year Business Communication student who makes wristbands for a passion but also ends up supporting himself while at school.

The 24-year-old says he doesn’t exactly remember being taught the art of making wrist bands among other items like necklaces (chokers), key holders and earrings, he simply learns through practice and believes his work is a product of curiosity and passion. 

 “Never say you cannot do what you have not tried,” declared Chowe. The Mangochi based fellow interestingly elaborates how one wristband he owned broke and in an attempt to mend it, he realized he could do a lot more with mare beads. 

He happens to be the only child in his family and is not under the government sponsorship program or any other funding organization; with limited support from home he still manages with the profits he attains from selling the items he skillfully sculptures. 

The final year student uniquely elaborates how he perceives the balance between school and business not only as a challenge but also a great motivation that has taught him to value time while still learning to handle the pressure at school. 

Chowe attaches meaning to this particular set up by saying that although society has already defined things for us in life it is our ultimate goal as individuals to seek out our greatest desires and follow them to avoid regrets while chasing success. 

The Polytechnic is a town based institution, this simply implies that the cost of living is at times too demanding for the majority, it is for this exact reason that school accelerates into a burden while diverting from emerging as a means to success. In some few cases, these young intellects with big hearts yet blessed with thin pockets end up withdrawing from the university on financial grounds. 

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