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Opportunity to publish journals online

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   February 28, 2019
PIC: The new website
The Faculty of applied sciences at the University of Malawi— the Polytechnic has developed a website called the Malawi journal of applied sciences (MJASI).

The aim of the introduction of this website is to publish original papers from multiple fields, but not limited to applied science and engineering.

According to Dr Chikumbusko Kaonga, those who want to publish on MJASI website should follow the procedure by downloading author instructions on it.

“After downloading the author instructions, they can prepare the manuscript based on the author guidelines. Then they can send it to the MJASI email address which is,” Kaonga said.

The Dean of faculty of Applied Science, Dr Ishmael Kosamu explained that the MJASI website has a particular scope which  publishers should use based on the themes of science and innovation.

“It is important for members of staff in academics to publish journals as it is one criteria used for promotion,” he said.

The Dean further clarified that, the number of articles one publishes enables them to increase in the ranking steps from a lecturer up to a professor.

 He also mentioned that the journal website helps to increase the visibility of the academic institution and shares knowledge with other scientists all over the world.

“Papers are freely accessible all over the world since it is an online platform where people can just download and use it for their research and innovation,” Kosamu added.

An associate Lecturer in the department of Electrical Engineering, Andrew Ndalama described this as a good gesture since he is one of the lecturers and scientist who has been engaged in research and development of innovations at the Polytechnic.

He said, “ to publish in international journals is very consuming hence having this website right here at the Polytechnic will help us publish and get recognized worldwide with the innovations that has  been going on in our department.”

Those who want to publish journals should contact Dr Kaonga or log in to

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