Department of Physical Planning and Land Surveying

Head of Department Dr. Henry Kadzuwa
Campus Location MUBAS -Chichiri Main Campus
Contacts 265 111 870 411
Faculty School of Built Environment
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Located in the Faculty of Built Environment (FOBE), the Land Surveying and Physical Planning Department is among two other departments within the faculty. It offers a diploma and two bachelor’s degrees. 

What We Currently Offer

The Diploma in Land Surveying programme is designed to provide training at technician level to students in the field of land surveying by providing students with knowledge and skills in basic land surveying activities. Further, the BSc. in Land Surveying builds upon the Diploma and seeks to meet the sector-specific needs of land surveyors. The aim of the programme is to provide an understanding of land surveying as a complex body of knowledge. It seeks to highlight the current boundaries of land surveying as an academic discipline and provide students with the skills required to apply knowledge in solving theoretical and practical problems in land surveying and related fields in the built environment. 

Similarly, the goal of the BSc. in Physical Planning is to produce locally trained physical planners with competent knowledge and practical skills that effectively address land use and emerging physical development planning issues such as climate change, urbanization, rural development, globalisation, etc. It does this by giving students an understanding of the principles and methods of modern Physical Planning, and the skills to apply the knowledge in solving theoretical and practical problems in Physical Planning and its cognate disciplines in relation to societal needs.

Other Ventures

The committed academic members of staff in the Department work hard. They are engaged in not only academic research but also land surveying and physical planning projects.