Department of Journalism and Media Studies

Head of Department Dr. Jolly Ntaba
Campus Location Chichiri Campus
Contacts 0111870411
Faculty School of Education, Communication and Media Studies
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About Us

Welcome to the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, a pioneering institution with the distinction of being the first to offer specialized training for aspiring journalists in print, broadcast, and digital media. Our heritage begins with our separation from the Department of Language and Communication, marking the start of a journey dedicated to cultivating ethical journalists who understand their critical role in society. Our alumni are known for their deep comprehension of media's impact, consistently delivering truthful and influential content. We lead the way in education, research, consultancy, and outreach in journalism and media studies, embracing innovation while honoring our foundational values.

Our Programs

Our department proudly offers comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to meet the needs of the modern media landscape:

Undergraduate Degrees: We offer two distinct Bachelor of Arts degrees: Journalism and Media Studies, and Digital Journalism. Both programs are structured as four-year courses, meticulously designed to equip students with the skills needed for success in the evolving media environment.

Postgraduate Degree: Our two-year Master's Degree in Media Studies is tailored for those seeking advanced knowledge and expertise. This program is a gateway to higher-level career opportunities in media and academia.

Diploma Programs: Through our Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), we offer diploma courses over three years. These programs are aimed at providing practical skills and foundational knowledge in journalism and media studies.

All our curricula are crafted to not only advance the economic, social, political, and cultural landscapes but also to prepare students to practice journalism with responsibility and effectiveness. We stay ahead by continually updating our programs to reflect the latest trends and challenges in the media sector, offering a balanced mix of theory and practical experience.

Beyond Academia

Our commitment extends beyond educational offerings. We are actively engaged in social research, community outreach, and consultancy, making significant contributions to the field. Collaborations with esteemed organizations such as MISA Malawi, M.I.J, and UNESCO, among others, enrich our programs and impact. The establishment of the Raphael Tenthani Centre, with the support of the British government, symbolizes our dedication to enhancing journalistic practice and research. This center honors the legacy of a venerable Malawian journalist, Raphael Tenthani, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation in journalism and media studies.