Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Head of Department Dr. Patrick Albert Chikumba
Campus Location MUBAS Main Campus - ODeL Building Third Floor
Contacts +265(0) 1 872 902 ext. 1225 / 1224
Faculty School of Science and Technology
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The Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) Department is responsible for transferring knowledge and skills in Information Technology, Computer Security, Software Engineering and Information Systems. The naming of the CSIS Department is aimed at expressing all the aspects covered which include Software Engineering; Information Technology; Computer Security; and Information Systems.

Furthermore, the CSIS Department has taken on board Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity and Data Science to adequately respond to some of the human problems and ensure safety and security. Therefore, the CSIS Department undertakes several activities which includes teaching, research, consultancy and outreach services in Information Technology, Information System, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, and related fields.

The CSIS Department has four sections namely: (a) Software Engineering focusing on training professionals in development, operation and maintenance of software products or systems; (b) Information Technology which is responsible for training professionals in the development and use of information and communication technologies; (c) Cyber Security which is responsible for systems security such as network security, cyber security, information security, and cryptography; and (d) Information Systems which is  responsible for training professionals in the analysis, designing, implementation and management of information systems and Artificial Intelligence with emphasis on training professionals in robotics and intelligence systems.

Academic and Professional Programmes 

The CSIS Department offers both academic and professional programmes starting certificates up to PhDs. Currently, the academic programmes include 

• PhD in Applied Sciences (Information Technology)

• PhD in Applied Sciences (Information Systems)

• Master of Science in Data Analytics (MDA)

• Master of Science in Informatics (joint programme with UNIMA)

• Master of Philosophy in Applied Sciences (Information Technology)

• Master of Philosophy in Applied Sciences (Information Systems)

• Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT)

• Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (BIS)

• Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Systems Support (City and Guilds)

In 2024, the CSIS Department is planning to introduce new academic programmes:

• Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

• Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. 

• Diploma in Health Information Systems

• Diploma in Cybersecurity

• Certificate in Computer Maintenance

• Certificate in Digital Payment Applications 

The CSIS Department offers professional programmes:

• Cisco IT Essentials (A+)

• Cisco CCNA 1 – 4

• Huawei Big Data and Networking

Modes of Delivery

The CSIS Department delivers its academic and professional programmes in various ways.

• Fulltime Face-to-Face (i.e. BIS, BIT)

• Weekend Face-to-Face (i.e. BIS and BIT Mature Entry, City and Guilds)

• Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) (i.e. BIS)

• Blended Learning (i.e. Cisco programmes)

• E-Learning (i.e. Huawei Big Data and Networking)

• Block Release (i.e. Informatics, MDA)

Staff Members

1. Patrick Chikumba, PhD (Head of Department)

2. Amelia Taylor, PhD

3. Thokozani Chimkono, PhD

4. Goodal Nyirenda, MSc

5. Martin Msendema, MSc

6. Patrick Mussa, MSc

7. Dickson Chinguwo, MSc

8. Michael Chinguwo, MSc

9. Ramsy Banda, MSc

10. Don Mkavea, MSc

11. Hope Chilunga, MSc

12. Davie Munthali, MSc

13. Mtisunge Malemia, MSc (on study leave)

14. Umali Leonard, MSc (on study leave)

15. Ellen Kafodya, MSc (on study leave)

16. Sarah Khudze, BSc

17. Tamara Mumba, BSc

18. Veronica Kachale, Mrs. (Secretary)

19. Frank Mtambalika, Mr. (Technician)

20. Jossam Kanyenda, Mr. (Technician)

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