Department of Business Management

Head of Department Dr. George Dzimbiri
Campus Location MUBAS Main Campus - Florence House
Contacts 265 1 870 411
Faculty School of Business and Economic Sciences
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The purpose Business Management Department is very key in providing dynamic programmes through provision of quality teaching and learning in business management, human resource management, marketing, and procurement & supply chain management, tourism; and entrepreneurship. 

What We Currently Offer

Business Management Department offers the following undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Administration - Marketing (BAM), Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (BPSCM), Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship (BCME) and Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management. 

Upon satisfying requirements, the department produces graduates that serve as Business Managers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Tourism Managers. 

The Department offers the most popular Master of Business Administration (MBA) which started in early 2000s. A good number of graduates from this MBA program have become top-level managers through the most dynamic and well-designed structure curriculum designed to provide for managerial training directed at senior and middle level staff in the civil service, parastatal and private sector necessary. Ultimately, the goal is to produce high cadre of professional managers 

Other Ventures

The academic members of staff in the department are engaged in conducting academic research and consultancies outreach and community engagements with the local communities in trying to address the challenges the populous face in their daily lives.