Department of Accountancy and Finance

Head of Department Dr. Rabiya Hanif
Campus Location MUBAS Main Campus - Florence House
Contacts 0111875708
Faculty School of Business and Economic Sciences
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The Department of Accountancy and Finance is a leading centre for accounting and finance education. It equips students for professional careers in accountancy internal auditing, banking and finance, and taxation. The department upholds high standards of professionalism and is dedicated to promoting academic and moral excellence, social and environmental awareness and entrepreneurial mindset. The department carries out research, consultancy, and outreach services in the aforementioned subject.  

What We Currently Offer

The Accountancy and Finance Department offers four undergraduate degrees; namely Bachelor of Accountancy (BAC), Bachelor of Commerce in Taxation (BCTA), Bachelor of Internal Auditing (BIA), and Bachelor of Banking and Finance (BAF).  Through the programmes, the department produces graduates that serve as Financial Managers, Management Accountants, Tax Managers and Consultants, External Auditors, Internal Auditors, Investment Analysts, Credit Analysts, etc.

Other Ventures

Besides carrying out research, the academic members of staff under the Department carry out short courses and consultancies to the private and public sectors that are both demand-driven and off the shelf. The department also offers community-oriented services aimed at promoting, among other things, financial literacy in fulfilling its mandate of championing the wellbeing of society.