Society for Friends of Environment and Technology

Alternative Name SOFET
Type Society
Membership Type Staff-student
Contacts 0888 875 333
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Society for Friends of Enviromnent and Technology (SOFET)

Society for Friends of Environmental and Technology (SOFET) is a non-religious organization of students pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology, currently it is for all students doing Food Science and Technology, Industrial and Environmental Physics and Environmental Management and Technology at the University of Malawi the Polytechnic. The society was created by the department of physics and biochemical sciences. The aim for its creation was to give students a platform for them to take part in the issue of conserving the environment, sanitary issues and also to improve the interaction of students with alumni and corporate world

Mission statement

To proactively engage in environmental awareness, as well as research as well as to bridge students with the industries for environmental and economic development of a country.


To be among national organizations that participate in public environmental affairs and to solve environmental problems for sustainable development of Malawi.

 Objectives and composition

1. To coordinate and facilitate student’s participation in public environmental affairs and related events

2. To bridge Environmental science and technology (Food science and technology, Industrial and environmental physics and Environmental management and technology) students with alumni and the ‘industry’

3. To familiarize incoming Environmental science and technology students to their field of study

4. To bring together all Environmental science and technology students at The Polytechnic so that they know each other.

5. To spread information about Environmental science and technology profession to the general public

6. To conduct environmental related research for academic purposes.


All students studying Environmental science and technology (Food science and technology, Industrial and Environmental physics and Environmental management and technology) are members of the society.

 The Executive

The executive committee consists of six individuals who are voted into office yearly (based on school calendar) and they work hand in hand with the class representatives. Elected executives for the 2019/2020 Academic Year are as follows:

 1. President : Stanford Saul

Contact/s: +265 993 165 888



2. Vice President: Yonah Mndhuli

Contact/s: +265 885 686 214 or +265 994 251 465



3. Treasurer: Ellina Mbweza

Contact/s: +265 888 846 746



4. General Secretary: Prince Tung’ande 

Contact/s: +265 885 044 381



5. Publicity Secretary: Triza Chimwaye 

Contact/s: +265 885 701 904



6. Activities’ Director: Happy Kambalame

Contact/s: +265 884 764 119



Madalitso W. Tsakama, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Food Sciences

Physics and Biochemical Sciences Department

Private Bag 303, Blantyre 3, Malawi

Cell: +265 888 875 333