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MUBAS Student Representative Council

Alternative Name SRC
Type Association
Membership Type Students
Contacts 0111 870411
Official Website

Student Representative Council (SRC) is an independent Student body that looks at the welfare of all MUBAS Students. It acts as a bridge between the administration and the students. The council is composed of both Council members and regular members. The council itself consists of the Executive Committee, Directors and Representatives. The members include Class Representatives, Honorary Members, General Members and Life Members.

Mission Statement 

To establish an efficient Student’s union that is responsible for the welfare of all Union members as specified in 3.1 while ensuring adherence to the realization of the University of Malawi’s mission and vision cascading to the Polytechnic as follows:


To advance knowledge, understanding, skills and wisdom at the same time, develop positive attitudes towards scientific, technical, technological education, training, research, consultancy and information dissemination, which are accessible and responsive to the needs of the individual, the nation, the region and world as a whole.


To be centre of excellence in the provision of Scientific, commercial, and technological; education and training for sustainable development.


  • Promote the advancement of education for all students of MUBAS.
  • Promote and protect the welfare of all students who are members of the SRC of MUBAS.
  • Represent the interests of SRC members.
  • Provide a channel of communication between the students MUBAS as well as other bodies.
  • Carry out awareness of the general rules and regulations to all students enrolled at MUBAS.
  • Enhance unity, mutual understanding and cooperation between staff, students and the general public.
  • Maintain a close-working relationship between students, students and staff, students and management, and students and the industry/stakeholders for purposes of getting value for education investment.
  • Represent the students’ body before any institution, including, the University Council where matters of rights or representation require being voiced.
  • Promote the spirit of diversity and openness among students, faculty and other staff.
  • The objectives shall be pursued without discrimination in any form, whatsoever, whether, race, sex, disability, ethnic origin, religion or creed, language etc in tandem with the edicts of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi and the Laws of Malawi.

Names and Contact details for the 2023/2024 MUBAS SRC.

  • Gershom W. Nyirenda - President - BILT/20/SS/025 - 0884598754  
  • Harmony Nyirenda - Vice President - BQS/19/SS/012 - 0994658747
  • Blessings Chiwaka - General Secretary - BCTM/20/SS/017 - 0995813523
  • Frank Mhango - Director of Finance - BAF/20/SS/033 - 0996634272
  • Hector Saulosi - Director of Investments - BCME/20/SS/063 - 0882431605
  • Robert Mtoto  Mhango - Director of Sports - BFST/20/SS/014 - 0998649202
  • Olipa Kumwenda - Director of Academics-Female - BCME/20/SS/028 - 0881788820
  • Emmanuel Chitseko - Director of Academics-male - BBC/20/SS/010 - 0885364603
  • Mphatso Mtandika - Director of Sanitation - EH/20/SS/016 - 0884672211
  • Boniface Mmora - Director of Hostels - BBC/20/SS/044 - 0889903958
  • Issa Addin Umali - Director of Publicity and Publications - BAE/19/SS/001 - 0996810733
  • Diana Makuwila - Director of Students with Special Needs - BAF/20/SS/025 - 0995795162
  • Andrea Kilowe - Mature Student Representatives - BAC/21/ME/106 - 0999042815
  • Elisha Mainjeni - Director of Student Welfare - BPP/19/SS/012 - 0988475925
  • Yamikani Mahete - Entertainment Director - BAM/20/SS/032 - 0882199658
  • Hopekins Banda - Director of Clubs and Societies - BEMT/20/SS/002 - 0993712018
  • Esther Chitaya - Catering Director - BFST/20/SS/003 - 0992001738
  • Collings Second - ODeL Representative - EBS/19/0DL/192 - 0884266111
  • Sellina Bengo - Director of Gender, Ethics and Women Affairs - BBC/20/SS/039 - 0990498312