Innovative Students Association of Malawi

Alternative Name ISAM
Type Research-group
Membership Type Students
Contacts 0888 980 199 / 0996 109 476
Official Website Coming soon!

The association was founded and established at the Malawi Polytechnic in 2013 by a team, which was led by Alinafe Kaliwo. So far, the association has been led by four presidents, namely: Alinafe Kaliwo, Edwin Khundwi, Gibson Chilungo, and the current acting president—Chifuniro Mtotera.


To enhance innovation and creativity among students by carrying out research, designing and manufacturing required products, publishing articles and hosting public talks and debates.


To develop Malawi through innovative and professional research that will lead to the designing of useful products for Malawians. 

Future Plans

To establish ISAM in other universities and technical colleges in Malawi to facilitate innovation across the nation. 

The main activity of the association has been developing new innovative products, be it machines, software, or other products. The association sometimes invites motivational speakers who can come and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among its members. Apart from these, the association also acts as a platform for learning and teaching members different software applications that are used in different professions; such software includes Photoshop, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Illustrator.