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August 12, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Back from America

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We are Satisfied- ADB

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   April 16, 2019
PIC: ICT/ODL building under construction
Representatives from the African Development Bank Group (ADB) embarked on a Project Closure mission tour of the buildings it has funded under the Higher Education Sector (HEST) projects at the Polytechnic.

The tour which took place on Friday, April 12 was conducted by ADB and Polytechnic representatives.

Speaking after the tour, the ADB HEST Coordinator Grenard Mkwende, expressed satisfaction on how the projects have been executed.

“Polytechnic as a beneficially of HEST were supposed to get one building which was under the original budget, but Polytechnic put up a case that they wanted another building,” he said.

Mkwende added that the buildings were designed under the HEST project, only that they started constructing the one which had already been allocated funds to.

“We asked the Malawi Government to put in money as in counterpart to the construction of the second building,” Mkwende explained.

He observed that the Polytechnic team has been involved in every stage of the projects by having meetings with the officials from the ADB, though the actual construction was being done by contractors.

“We are happy with the outcome of the whole project because the contribution from the government has also made it possible for the second building to be constructed,” he said.

The ADB project coordinator also expressed his gratitude because the people who designed the ICT/ODL building are Ugandans but it has been constructed by Malawians.

In an interview earlier, the Polytechnic Estate Development Officer, Blessings Hudge, explained that the first HEST project building was funded with $2.9 million from ADB.

Hudge also said that the ICT/ODL Business Centre building which is an ADB part 2 was funded to a tune of $5.4million with the Malawi Government.

Also present during the tour were, Nana Beth Kgosidintsi (Human Capital Development Analyst) for ADBG and other members of staff. From the Polytechnic;  The Project Coordinator Dr Ignasio Ngoma, Acting ICT Director Haleema Jika, EDO Blessings Hudge and other staff members.

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