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Let’s plant trees
February 26, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Let’s plant trees

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Robotics geniuses get international recognition

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   May 23, 2019
PIC: The built robot
Polytechnic students have been featured on Cable News Network (CNN) for being part of the robotics and drones making teams in Africa.

The robotics team participated in the First International Robotics event which took place in Washington DC, in United States of America (USA).

The teams comprises of Brenald Dzonzi, Thanda Mtegha, Mayamiko Msonkho, Kunozga Mlowoka, Janet Kapito and Yusuf Chimole.

A fourth year Electrical Electronics Engineering student Brenald Dzonzi who is part of both teams, explained that the robot they built was meant to help in identifying a solution to one of the Sustainable Development Goals of Safe and Clean Water for all.

“The robot picks up balls and sort them according to their colours. The blue balls represent clean water and the yellow ones represent the impurities,” Dzonzi said.

He added that, after sorting out the balls it delivers them in their required locations. The yellow balls are supposed to be placed in an area called filtration.

The CNN crew learned about the students’ other project of drone making when they came to interview them for the robotics project.

According to Thanda Mtegha the drone they are building which is on an advanced stage, aims at assisting in health facilities delivery in the rural areas of the country.

The students have not finished yet their drone due to pressure from their studies since they started building it while on holiday.



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