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Polytechnic’s Neonatal LED Phototherapy to assist Jaundice babies

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Madalitso Tsakamwa
Dr Madalitso Tsakamwa - Quality Assurance

Publication of the 2018 Polytechnic Tracer Study Report

Announcement   Management   March 11, 2019

The Polytechnic is carrying out a World Bank Skills Development Project (SDP). The aim of the project is to increase access, market relevance, and results orientation of supported skills development institutions. Conducting graduate tracer study is one of the activities of the SDP. It is also for quality assurance in the University of Malawi constituent colleges. Under SDP, The Polytechnic conducted a first tracer study in 2016 (report available below), targeting the 2014 graduates. A second tracer study has been conducted in 2018, targeting 2016 Polytechnic graduates. Just like in the first study, the objectives of the second tracer study were to evaluate study conditions and study provision at The Polytechnic as viewed by the graduates, to assess the graduates' acquisition of competences and satisfaction with the course of study, to assess the graduates' transition to employment, and to assess the graduates' employment situation and relationship between study and work 

The Polytechnic Management wishes to offer profound gratitude to the World Bank for providing financial resources that enabled The Polytechnic to conduct another tracer study. Management would like to thank the authors (tracer study team) of this report, for their dedication and hard work, and also for ensuring that this research project is a success. The tracer study team comprised the following members: Dr. Suzgo Kaunda (Team Leader), Dr Madalitso Tsakama, Dr Patrick Phepa, and Mr. Holmes Banda.

The 2016 Polytechnic graduates who participated in the survey deserve many thanks because without them, the tracer study project would not have been successful.

The 2018 Tracer Study report can be downloaded below.

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The Polytechnic has proven to be a centre of research and innovation in Malawi and abroad as many of its scholars have managed to contribute tangible and workable ideas on a global scale