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November 19, 2018, Chapter Banda
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Outreaching Liwonde students with Business Communication Program

News   Chapter Banda   November 30, 2018
The Society of Business Communication Students in the Department of Language and Communication at the University of Malawi—The Polytechnic, on Friday , November 23, 2018 conducted an outreach to the Liwonde Secondary School Students.

The outreach was aimed at selling the Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BBC) Program to the students and motivating them.   

According to the organization’s Patron and lecturer in the Department of Language and Communication, Dr Murendehle Juwayeyi, their goal was to motivate the students so that they might be aspired to be part of the BBC community in the future.

“We prompted to have a trip to Liwonde Secondary School, because as an organization of the Society of Business Communication students, we felt, we needed to come together to tell our story to the students. As you know, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication program started in 2012. Due to this, many prospective BBC students out there do not know about it,” Juwayeyi explained.

Juwayeyi further said the trip was important to the students because it is part of their refreshment as they are heading towards exams.

“As a patron, I did feel that it was important for the students to go out and have this trip. Furthermore, it was important for the students to travel and refresh their brains as they are close to writing end of academic year exams,” Juwayeyi said.

He added that the trips are important because they give an opportunity to the students to practice and showcase what they are doing in class.

Juwayeyi continued that he has plans to keep on organizing such trips to the students because they are worthwhile.

One of the lecturers who accompanied the students from the Department, Focus Maganga said they decided to accompany them because the outreach is one of the core activities that the academic members of staff should do.

“The Polytechnic believes in commitment and responsiveness as some of its core values. As lecturers, we are also expected as part of outreach program to contribute our share towards the fulfillment of the College’s plans,” Maganga said.

A third year Polytechnic student studying the Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Kings Kondowe said he has learnt that the University students have power to change negative mindsets towards education among Secondary School students.

“There are many children in rural areas that go to school, but they lack motivation for them to do well in their studies. This means, they do not have role models who might inspire them to work hard in their studies,” Kondowe emphasized.

Kondowe continued that the children who live in rural areas are the ones who needed to be visited and motivated frequently for Malawi to have well-skilled work force in the future.

He thanked the SOBCS’ Executive and the Patron for organizing the trip and urged them to keep organizing such events.

The students also visited Liwonde National Park as part of their educational tour.

The SOBCS organization also conducted the similar outreach program in 2017 to Mulanje Secondary School students.

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