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Ngwira crusades for good Health

News   Chapter Banda   April 10, 2019
PIC: Ngwira and the children hold toothpaste
A Final year student of Environmental Health at The Malawi Polytechnic, Towera Ngwira organised a four-week campaign on promoting personal hygiene among children in Nkholongo Community in Mzuzu city.

The program aimed at establishing proper hygiene routines which the children should practice from a tender age in order for them to prevent communicable diseases. These diseases are spread due to uncleanliness.

The project is part of an Extra Mile Development Foundation (EMDF) which also focused on boosting self-confidence and self-esteem that in turn will help to improve on children academic performance.

Ngwira who is also co-founder of EMDF said they thought of organising it in order to impart health knowledge to the children at their tender age.

“We outreached to 60 children in the area, where we taught them many lessons on proper health hygiene tips. The health tips include; importance of bathing, brushing teeth regularly, combing hair and wearing washed clothes every time and many more, “she explained.

She further said they also taught the children topics like, road safety tips, positive affirmations and important morals for them to live by.

One of the beneficiaries of the program said, it has helped her to learn the significance of taking care of her body and to live in a hygienic life.

She further said she has gained knowledge on good morals and road safety tips that will help her as she is growing up.

The project was conducted every Sunday of the month of March, apart from teaching the children, it also provided tooth brushes and tooth pastes for them to use.

The guardians and parents were involved in encouraging their children to practice better hygiene practices in their homes and surroundings.

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