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Muotcha gets a push

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   November 7, 2019
PIC: Muotcha receiving a laptop from IPE board members
The International Partners for Education (IPE) organization has donated tuition fees and various school items to a first year Polytechnic Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Technology student, Clara Muotcha.

The Organisation which was founded by two professors Ellen Chirwa and Karen Solheim in1992, aims at assisting female students at both secondary education and college level especially those that have done well and are committed to their education.

Presenting the donation at the Polytechnic on Tuesday, November 6, 2019,one of the Board Members Melton Luhanga explained that they started sponsoring Clara when she was in form 3 at Stella Maris girls by paying her tuition fees, buying her uniform and some pocket money. 

“We found Clara as a needy but hard working young girl. Currently we are paying for her college tuition and some pocket money apart from the computer that we have donated to her at a value of K340, 000,” Luhanga explained.

Muotcha expressed her gratitude to the Management of IPE for their continued support it renders to her regarding her education which she says would have been difficult if they had not come to her rescue.

“Without their support I could have been having problems in concentrating in class, therefore I intend to continue working hard to show them they that they are not supporting me in vain, “ she promised.

One the EMT lecturers Floney Kabaghe highlighted that this is very good gesture. 

“The student needs a computer to competently perform in this technically advanced age, with Internet connections a student can access relevant information to do assignments, exams and research,” Kabaghe explained.

She further stated that Universities need support from the private sector to effectively prepare students who will later contribute towards economic development of the nation.


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