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Madukani wins Mawu’s best female entry award

News   Chapter Banda   December 12, 2018
A third year Journalism and Media Studies student at the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, Maurlin Madukani won the best women’s entry award of the 2018 Malawi Writers Union (MAWU) Competition for her short story, The Wrong Turn.

The 2018 MAWU winners award ceremony took place on Saturday, December 8 at First Capital Bank Training Centre in Blantyre.

MAWU annually organizes the short story competition award in conjunction with First Capital bank, this year 10 winners were awarded.

According to Madukani, being recognized for Annual national awards is a plethora of feelings to her.

“ It feels amazing that my short story was considered as the best in the category of the female entry award,” she said.

Madukani added that she came up with the story because she wanted to expose the kind of torture that orphaned girls are facing in Malawi when they are living with guardians.

“ I have read and heard stories of the pain that the orphaned girls are going through in their day-to-day lives,” she elaborated.

She continued to say, “ Lately, defiling young girls has become a trend. The sad part is when these girls grow up; they lead a lifestyle that is not pleasant. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what makes them to behave the way they do.”

She further urged all girls who are going through such abuse to report to people in the authority so that they should get the help they may deserve as soon as possible.

According the Nation Online dated December 10, the MAWU’s president Sambalikagwa Mvona said he was impressed with the number of female writers in the competition, which for so long has been dominated by men.

“During the 12 years we have had this competition we are glad this year to have set a record of entries from female writers with a total of 64. Women are suffering on many fronts and are doing so silently. Let them come out to tell their stories,” he said.

The Wrong Turn story talks about an abandoned girl who was sexually abused by the ones that claimed to take care of her. 

Maurlin Madukani walked away with an award plus K70, 000.

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