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Ralph Tenthani Series on Freedom of Expression
May 20, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi / Chapter Banda
Ralph Tenthani Series on Freedom of Expression

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Journalism Students act the Play Animal Farm

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   November 27, 2018
PIC: Students after the play
The Polytechnic Continuing Education Centre Diploma in Journalism Students in Blantyre, showed their acting skills at the Polytechnic Chichiri Campus when they staged an adaptation play called Animal farm.

According to their lecturer, Victor Chikoti, Journalism students are the ones who are trained to disseminate information through writing, reporting, analyzing and professionally researching news on different media platforms.

“These are the people that are tasked with writing and speaking, therefore they need to be conversant with literature and the use of language,” Chikoti explained.

 He further explained that, instead of just telling them to go and read the book he opted for  them to give each other roles by coming up with costumes, vocal projection, stage design and  props for the play. He added that this would help them once they graduate when practicing Journalism in the industry.

 “Animal farm is an allegorical Novella by George Orwell that reflects events leading to the Russian Revolution. It was banned by the first President of Malawi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda because he noted that the events also applied to the then Malawi political system. By having students act this particular novel, it is one way of making them global citizens who appreciates global themes,” Chikoti said.

One of the students, Johanna Chagunda who was also voted the best actress, said that the play was relevant to her as a journalist, in such a way that, there are some political issues like leadership and exploitation which Journalists are not free to address to the public.

“In the book Animal Farm we see the type of dictatorship that exploits animals which did not have a chance to voice out their feelings. As a Journalist, I would like to be an instrument that will speak for the voiceless and be the bridge that connects the minority and the government,” Chagunda explained.

Another Diploma in Journalism student, Annie Kakhomba who played the role of Clover the Donkey, explained that it has helped her to overcome her fears of approaching and interviewing people as a Journalist.

“In the beginning it was hard because some of us had never acted before but due to team work we managed to come up with a masterpiece. This taught us that team work is always important in this profession,” Kakhomba said.

The class was divided into two groups to compete against each other. Although this was the case each group was spectacular in their own way.

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