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UNIMA 2019 Second Congregation Graduation Ceremony
March 28, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
UNIMA 2019 Second Congregation Graduation Ceremony

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Nancy Chitera
Associate Prof Nancy Chitera - Vice Principal

First heroes of computer engineering

News   Chapter Banda   February 28, 2019
PIC: Chilunga : 'Hardworking pays'
A program of Electronics and Computer Engineering under an Electrical Department at the University of Malawi—the Polytechnic has for the first time since its introduction in 2011 produced two first high class degrees. The students, Hope Kelvin Chilunga and Wilson Kalambo have scored outstanding grades which enable them to graduate with distinctions

The Duo topped the class of 16 students while others have obtained second high and third high classes respectively. 

Speaking to Poly News after viewing his results Chilunga expressed his excitement about his achievement which he said; he owes to God and hard work.

 “Life without a purpose is useless, for someone who wants to succeed in everything. Firstly, a person needs to make sure that he knows his or her destination and then finds a path on how he can get there. In addition, he needs to ask God for help every time. Finally, the person needs to have study plan,” he elaborated.

He further encouraged students to indulge themselves in group discussion and doing assignments before deadline in order to be effective in their academics.

A Head of Department in the Electrical Engineering, Emmanuel Jack Nyirenda hailed the students for being consistent in their studies.

“These students’ performance has been stable since their first-year at the Institution which is a very rare achievement,” Nyirenda explained 

Chancy Ngosi, who was also a classmate to these two, described them as overall hard workers. They have also been helpful to their classmates during assignments and class work.

Ngosi further said he is not surprised to see Chilunga and his friend being the first students to have the first high class, because are people of their words.

Hope Chilunga is the brains behind the Drug Counter and Mosquito-killer devices innovations.

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