Environmental Stewardship

Article   Bester Nyang'wa   November 17, 2023
PIC: MUBAS Landscape

Albert Einstein, the eminent physicist, once remarked, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”. For those who cherish nature and have had the privilege of exploring the splendid campus of the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences, these words couldn't ring truer.

As you step onto the MUBAS main campus, the intentional encouragement to connect with the natural world becomes evident. Making way into our campus through the main gate, palm trees charmingly sway, their branches catching the gentle breeze, creating a natural symphony that resonates well with a learning environment. Nestled at the very front of our campus, the evergreen front lawn beckons, inviting a moment of tranquility. This placid environment provides not just a scenic setting but also a space where students can unwind, connect with nature, and find inspiration in the midst of their academic pursuits. 

Additionally, MUBAS has implemented a water-conscious and well-developed landscaping strategy that serves a multifaceted purpose. This intentional approach is designed to lessen the impacts of runoff water such as soil erosion, thereby promoting environmental stability, while at the same time contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the campus. Beyond environmental considerations, the landscaping strategy serves an educational role, allowing students to learn about sustainable practices and the importance of green spaces. 

The integration of landscaping with architectural elements ensures a harmonious and cohesive environment, reflecting MUBAS's commitment to sustainability and the holistic development of its community. Natural and man-planted trees surround the hostels, providing a refreshing oasis for the students. The lush greenery acts as a natural screen, filtering the sunlight and offering a cool, shaded retreat. This has become a haven where students escape the rigors of their studies, fostering a peaceful atmosphere that complements their academic journey. 

Here at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences, as we CREATE, INNOVATE and GENERATE, our commitment lies in fostering an engagement with nature as a conduit for knowledge and enlightenment, firmly believing in its capacity to unveil fundamental truths and interconnected wisdom.

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