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Hard work pays -Chiwambo
November 12, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi And Chikondi Chingota
Hard work pays -Chiwambo

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Do not shun technical classes - Issa

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   May 29, 2019
PIC: Issa presenting a program
A 22-year-old Bachelor of Arts in Journalism graduate from the Malawi Polytechnic, Sumeya Issa has proved that women are equally capable of working in the technical fields, which seem to be male dominated.

Issa who works for Capital Radio FM as a presenter of over three different shows outlined her experience of operating the broadcasting equipment and presenting as exciting.

“After I got to Capital FM, although I had applied to be in the newsroom I was redirected to be a presenter where I got trained on how to work on the console and the technical part until I could run my own show,” Issa explained.

She explained that training the technical aspects of broadcasting was challenging up to the point that she felt like giving up.

“Being a fresh graduate, I met some people who thought I was a threat so that they could not fully teach me, this process demotivated me up to the point that I almost gave up because I felt like I wasn’t being appreciated and my talent was going unnoticed,” She added.

Sumeya described her industry experience as a bit different from what she studied at the University.

“I never thought I could run an entire show on radio, interact with people, have a fun base, establish a relationship with people who could trust my voice behind the microphone and look forward to my shows,” she explained.

Being a Journalist, Sumeya believes that she needs to diversify into other areas like news writing and reporting in order to advance and grow in the profession.

Issa regrets the time she was studying that many female students shun the technical aspects of journalism like photography, radio and television production among others. She says; these need to be tackled seriously in class to avoid graduates meeting difficulties in the industry.

She also observed that the three months which Journalism students go for internship is too short considering the diversity of Journalism as a course.

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