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Chimole does it again

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   July 2, 2019
PIC: Chimole and Salim receiving the award
A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT) final year student Yusuf Chimole has won yet another award with his system called Lync Energy, during The Malawi Innovation Pitch Night competition organized by MHUB.

This is an event, which aimed at showcasing local talent, and providing networking and feed back opportunities for young innovators.

According to Chimole who partnered with Aisha Salim a first year BIT student, the competition had ten finalists from different places where by Lync Energy won the top position.

“From the ten finalists, three teams were selected, those on the third position are to receive k250,000, the second position will get k500,000 while us on the position one will get k750,000,” he explained.

Being a first year student, Aisha Salim expressed her excitement by describing the experience as good and amazing.

“Yusuf is a good partner when it comes to working with, he knows how to explain certain things I could not understand clearly,” she said.

She further explained that this experience has motivated her to have an innovative mind so that as she is studying she intends to develop coding systems of her own.

Lync Energy System comprises of a small device, which has sensors that enables users to monitor electricity usage remotely using a mobile phone or a computer. 

This award is the ninth to be won locally and internationally by this system, which was developed and is being scaled up by Yusuf Chimole.


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