Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
School of Science and Technology
4 years
Doctorate Degree


The Faculty of Applied Sciences ensures that prospective research students have access to the detailed information about the programme. The information is relayed through advertisements on graduate research opportunities, through departmental literature, or during the promotion of a specific funded research award. The minimum information includes the following: 

  • The broad academic area within which the research activity may be undertaken is Applied Mathematics, and where appropriate, a more detailed project description and at least two name(s) of the proposed supervisor(s).
  • The candidate has a Master Science or MPhil in Mathematics or equivalent fields.
  • Duration of the research degree is 3 years with possible extension of 1 year for full-time students, and 5 years with possible extension of 2 years for part-time students.
  • The resources, including supervision, which the College will make available to research students as outlined in 14.3.
  • The fees payable by the prospective students, or that which would be paid on their behalf by a sponsor such as a research council or industrial/commercial partner shall be US$10,000 tuition and a guideline figure of US$10,000 for research.
  • Where appropriate, the type and likely monetary value of any research award, and any restrictions or conditions attached to such an award. 
  • Where agencies external to the University might be involved in providing funding or other assistance, the department will clearly indicate whether or not monetary or other assistance has actually been secured.
  • The administrative stages which are involved in the research project following acceptance as outlined in 14.1.
  • The departmental contact point for further information. 

Application and Selection of Candidates

The application procedure and selection of candidates is guided by the requirements stipulated in section 3 of the General Postgraduate Regulations Handbook of The Polytechnic (GPRH).