Society of Anglican Students

Alternative Name SAS
Type Religious
Membership Type Students
Contacts 0888368676 / 0888102466 / 0882130068
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It has an elected executive committee comprising of a chairperson,   two secretaries, a publicity secretary, treasurer, prayer director, activities director, evangelism director, and secondary schools coordinator.


Meet every Tuesday from 6:00pm for prayers, Thursday for intercessions, and Friday for bible study. Other activities include night of prayers, get-togethers, church visits, hospital visits, orphanage visits, and secondary school visits


  • To call students to a personal faith in God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) by providing weekly campus fellowships to all members, some of whom could not feel obliged to attend non-Anglican fellowships.
  • To deepen the spiritual life of students through prayer, Bible study and worship, leading to better Christian growth.
  • To bring members to division fellowships with each other at the college campus and other institutions, thereby enhancing brotherly love.
  • To shape responsible members of the Church in preparation for Church leadership roles.
  • To help members become stable Christians in the face of growing varied and conflicting doctrines so that they may become ambassadors of Christ.
  • To promote interaction between SAS members in various colleges and secondary schools.
  • To facilitate satisfactory co-operation between the mother Church and students.


Knowing Christ and making him known to others