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Polytechnic Association of Physical Planning Students

Alternative Name PAPPS
Type Academic
Membership Type Students
Contacts 0881 967 734
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The association was established in 2011, and it has so far been led by five leaders (presidents): Peter Mbisa, Jaston Bulaula, Emmanuel Kaliwo, Sinos Mvula, and Chifuniro Mtotera (current leader).  


Some of the activities that the association conducts or has ever conducted are debates, field trips, student educational talks, and public lectures in relevant subjects, sports activities, and physical planning awareness campaigns. 


The basic goal of the association is to offer its members an opportunity to share knowledge and skills through intellectual interaction to ensure pragmatism, inventiveness and competence to produce a graduate who shall adhere to the ethics, values and principles of urban and regional planning. 


  • To promote the spirit of teamwork among undergraduates by cultivating a culture of sharing and exchanging resources.
  • To provide a forum for communication and interchange of knowledge.
  • To engage stakeholders who can in further training opportunities and provision of financial and material resources.
  • To undertake methodical civic education of the public regarding physical planning and any other relevant issues.
  • To prepare students for mainstream physical planning duties.
  • To arrange outreach activities and exchange visits within and outside the campus.
  • To promote and arrange student educational talks and public lectures in relevant subjects.
  • To link physical planning students with appropriate local and international universities or colleges.
  • To develop links between students and employment agencies for internships or attachments.