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News   Hazviperi Mbizi   January 18, 2019
PIC: Walani reciting one of his poems
A third year Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering student of the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic and gospel poet, Chikumbutso Walani, has released yet another masterpiece single poem titled Ngati Filimu Ya Naijeriya.

Walani who came second best poet in Neno poets competition, started as any other poet who later changed his style to create his uniqueness in the field. This enabled him to gain popularity among the youth and his target audience.

A Born Again Christian, Walani uses his talent to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to his fellow youth on both the Polytechnic Campus and beyond.

“In 2016, a producer Mr Chembe sponsored my first album titled Akulilira Bonus alibe phone after  listening to just part of my work,’ Walani explained.

He also highlighted his goals as aspiring to be a poet who just doesn’t write for fun but also pierce people’s hearts and fully communicate with his audience.

“I want reach to a point where my audience will not have a choice but listen to the poems based on how nicely they have been presented. I also write and recite to praise Jesus Christ,” He elaborated.

Walani expressed that he manages his time properly so that this should not jeopardize his studies being a University student. 

A fellow poet, Sam Brand who is also a second year Bachelor of Business Administration at the Polytechnic, spoke highly about Walani’s talent.

“Chikumbutso is a poet who knows how to play with words. His wind-up of the poems is unpredictable but in the end we get the information he intends to put across,” Brand explained.

Sam Brand added that, he single out one of Walani’s poems titled Sadadye Bread which he says one could think of the local bread yet he meant Jesus Christ as the bread of life.

Desire Chikagwa commended Walani’s poems especially Ngati filimu ya Naijeria which she says it is meaningful, inspiring and creative.

“From the time I met Chikumbutso Walani he has been a great inspiration to us in many angles of life,” the Information System student explained.

Vincent Nowa, a fourth year Civil Engineering student concurred with Brand by stating that Walani’s work is innovative and ‘out of the box.’  

“He has created an energy source out of the ordinary materials. It is a thing only creative minds would think of. His work is outstanding and so topnotch,” Nowa explained.

So far, Walani has released only one album and a lot of singles like Chiombankhanga, Yesu ndi machine and the recent Ngati Filimu Ya Naijeria.

“I like releasing singles because people are always lazy to finish listening to the whole album. When it is a single, they have time to appreciate the message, creativity and talent portrayed in it,” Walani further explained.

MBC journalist David Kapezi recorded Walani’s poems and played them on the program called Good Morning Malawi on MBC radio.

Chikumbutso plans to release yet another single in February 2019. His poems are shared for free which can be accessed by sending him an email to

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