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MUBAS for STEM as a key strategy in ensuring social economic development
February 22, 2024, Lucy Isaac
MUBAS for STEM as a key strategy in ensuring social economic development

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The Polytechnic granted to access research in European countries

News   Harris Chimatiro   September 11, 2017
The core centre of any institution of higher learning depends upon research and innovation that the institution is able to carry out. The library is the most important resource center when it comes to research and innovation. It is where students and members of staff access online books and carry out innovations and research projects.

The library of an institution has to be connected to other online libraries for students to access books, research projects and innovations that are available on the online library catalogue. 

The Polytechnic library has been granted to access Directory of Ongoing Research in European countries for a period of 3 months, which is from 22 August to 22 November 2017. The Ongoing Research Projects in European Countries covers information on more than 180 000 research projects and more than 400 000 organizations.

This will help students source more academic journals apart from the JSTOR, which is an online digital library that assists the college students with faculty information relevant to their studies. 

All academic communities, faculty members, students, faculties, colleges, institutes, departments, units, laboratories, research and innovation departments need to check research projects and get information on more than 400 000 organisations or contact details in Europe taking part in such research activities to collaborate and set up cooperation’s, and new partnerships for the research projects.

European books have the experience to serve the library industry for nearly two decades and been the publisher and the expert distributor of choice for the librarians worldwide and specialized in the supply to the academic institution, schools, colleges, national and public libraries. Our corrections are available to them through the annual subscription.

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