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Mixed feelings over final year exams
November 30, 2018, Hazviperi Mbizi
Mixed feelings over final year exams

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 Ishmael B.M. Kosamu
Prof Ishmael B.M. Kosamu - Deputy Vice Chancellor

Postgraduate Programmes September 2024 Intake- Call for Applications

Academic   Postgraduate Studies   April 4, 2024

The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) is pleased to invite eligible candidates to apply for admission into its Postgraduate Programmes. The programmes will commence in SEPTEMBER, 2024.



1.     Master of Business Administration (MBA)



1. Master of Arts in Health and Behaviour Change Communication (MHBCC)

2. Master of Arts in Media Studies (MMS)

3. Master of Technical and Vocational Education (MTVE)



1. PhD in Civil Engineering

2. PhD in Engineering (Industrial Management)

3. PhD in Engineering (Infrastructure Development and Management)

4. PhD in Engineering (Power and Machines)

5. PhD in Engineering (Telecommunications)

6. MPhil in Civil Engineering

7. MPhil in Engineering (Industrial Management)

8. MPhil in Engineering (Infrastructure Development & Management)

9. MPhil in Engineering (Power and Machines)

10. MPhil in Engineering (Telecommunications)

11. Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Five Pathways: Construction Management; Geotechnical Engineering; Structural Engineering; Transportation Engineering and Water Engineering)

12. Master of Science in Infrastructure Development and Management (MIDM)

13. Master of Science in Sustainable Energy (MSE)



1. PhD in Applied Sciences (Applied Mathematics)

2. PhD in Applied Sciences (Applied Statistics)

3. PhD in Applied Sciences (Environmental Health)

4. PhD in Applied Sciences (Environmental Protection and Management)

5. PhD in Applied Sciences (Environmental Sanitation)

6. PhD in Applied Sciences (Industrial Process Technology)

7. PhD in Applied Sciences (Information Systems)

8. PhD in Applied Sciences (Information Technology)

9. PhD in Applied Sciences (Public Health Engineering)

10. PhD in Applied Sciences (Renewable Energy)

11. PhD in Applied Sciences (Water Resources Management)

12. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Applied Mathematics)

13. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Applied Statistics)

14. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Environmental Health)

15. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Environmental Protection and Management)

16. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Environmental Sanitation)

17. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Industrial Process Technology)

18. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Information Systems)

19. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Information Technology)

20. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Public Health Engineering)

21. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Renewable Energy)

22. MPhil in Applied Sciences (Water Resources Management)

23. Master of Science in Data Analytics

24. Master of Science in Environmental Health (MEH)

25. Master of Science in Environmental Protection and Management (MEPM)

26. Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)

27. Master of Science in Sanitation

28. Master of Science in Water Resources Management (MWRM)


For programme descriptors, entry requirements, programme fee structure, application procedure, application forms and all other requirements download the attachments (full advert and application form) below.

For enquiries contact the Postgraduate Studies Office: +265 999 640 129 or Email;


 The Closing date for receiving applications is FRIDAY, 31st MAY, 2024

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