Poly hosts innovators competition

News   Chikondi Chingota   January 28, 2020
PIC: The Minister presenting the award to Chimoto
The Malawi Polytechnic hosted the Malawi Innovators Design Competition which was organised by its Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Engineering of the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in collaboration with the Rice University of the USA.

The event whose theme was; Transforming inventions and innovations for national development, took place on January 27, 2020 at the School of Engineering Building.

The function hosted prominent figures such as the Minister of Labour, Skills and Innovation Martha Ulunji Chanjo Mhone, the Principal of the Polytechnic Professor Grant Kululanga and the Vice Chancellor of MUST Professor Address Malata

The honourable minister in her remarks congratulated the Polytechnic for launching an effective design competition in the country.

“The initiative the Malawi Polytechnic has undertaken will go a long way in facilitating exposure of local ideas to solve various challenges that face the society,” stated the minister.   

Both the Principal of the Polytechnic, and the Vice Chancellor of MUST in their remarks expressed satisfaction of their teamwork.

“We want to produce graduates that can contribute to the industry and are able to employ others with their creativity. These demonstrations show that something peculiar is happening between the two institutions,” stated Professor Kululanga.

Professor Malata also added in her remarks; “this is an opportunity to remind ourselves that young people can contribute to the growing development of the country. What Polytechnic and MUST are displaying is the fact that we are not in competition, Malawi is too small and we need to complement each other,” said the Vice Chancellor. 

The monetary award was K1.5 Million which was shared among the categories of: Best use of local materials, Best innovative prototype, Best prototype exhibit and Best compatriot innovation.  On top of that there was first, second and third positions awards given to the best innovators.

At the end of it all the winner of the innovators competition was revealed to be Francis Chimoto, a graduate from MUST. He invented what he calls an external remover duster which uses water to cleanse the stains of markers on the board. He went away with K500, 000.

One of the Polytechnic students, who won an award for the Best Innovative Prototype Kondwani Jasi, expressed his delight for his accomplishment and narrated how his design will help foster development in the country.

 “My device is called a portable solar cooler, as the name suggests it uses solar to charge batteries which then power cooling mechanisms,” narrated Jasi.

Jasi is looking forward to connecting with business institutions to bring the project to the market.



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