MUBAS Innovation Hub conducts graduation ceremony

News   Pangano Baluwa   September 6, 2022
PIC: Graduating students
The Innovation Hub at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) conducted a graduation ceremony for Hello Tomorrow program in which 14 children under the age of 17 graduated after undergoing the Programming for Kids using Python training. The training, which lasted for seven weeks, introduced the children to programming concepts such as input/output statements, variables, expressions, if statements, loops and list data structures

The event took place at ODeL conference center on Saturday 3rd September and was presided over by the acting director of ICT at MUBAS, Dr Patrick Chikumba. 

In his opening remarks, MUBAS Innovation Hub manager Mr. Umali Leonard stated that the Hello tomorrow program was initiated as a way of creating innovators for tomorrow through digital skills training and other related activities for the kids between the ages of 6 and 17. "We believe for Malawi to achieve its 2063 vision, which is 41 years away, we must invest in children now so that 10 years from now, we have a pool of highly innovative and talented youths who can use the last 30 years of Malawi 2063 to transform Malawi into an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation through innovations and entrepreneurship, which in turn, will create more jobs”. This aligns with MUBAS's vision, as the university promotes innovation and entrepreneurship throughout all of its programmes.

Dr. Patrick Chikumba cemented the remarks by the Hub’s manager by saying a Chichewa adage “Kuona fisi sikukula koma kuyenda usiku”. He expanded this by saying exposing the kids to computer technologies at early stage will have a more lasting impact to our nation.

A parent representative, Mr. Kawaza, who enrolled three kids into the program, thanked MUBAS Innovation Hub for the program and encouraged other parents to send their kids. He said he has seen much improvement in the children’s behaviour back home as they are now more attracted to computer screens as compared to TV screens.  

Two children Ulemu Mvula, 10 and Shemaiah Dunga, 13 demonstrated some concepts they learnt during the program.  

A total of 14 (9 boys and 5 girls) children graduated and they were awarded with certificates of attendance. Ulemu Mvula, Shemaiah Dunga and Alinafe Kawaza were also awarded cash prizes as top performers. 

The function also marked the opening of a new cohort, which will start classes on 10th September 2022.


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