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News   Hazviperi Mbizi   May 5, 2021
PIC: The team running the initiative
Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) formerly Polytechnic, students after noticing how their fellow needy friends are having challenges to afford day to day meals, decided to start a Sponsor a meal Campaign where they are raising funds for the cause.

During a study which was conducted in 2020 it was discovered that many needy students were depending on piece jobs or eating with friends for survival, so with exams approaching they will not be able to balance the two.

A committee which was formed by students from various programs is the one that is running the initiative. The members include; Yvonne Awali, Aggie Chirwa, Franklin Kadewere, Sambwita Sandfor and Scoliat Chithokonya.

According to the project coordinator, Scoliat Chithokonya as of May 4th, 2021 they have managed to raise MK310,000 from the students, lecturers and other well-wishers.

“Through consultation with the class representatives, 306 students have been identified as needy where 156 of them are being treated as the priority beneficiaries of the collected funds,” said Chithokonya.

He further outlined that the coordinators team has entered an agreement with Bupe caterers who sell food in the cafeteria to provide food to 30 students for 20 days. Due to the limitations of funds, these meals will be provided once a day therefore, every beneficiary should choose whether to receive lunch or supper.

Those who are willing to contribute or assist in any way should contact Sambwita Sandfor on 0885422771.


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