Engineering Students On Symposium Preparatory Move

News   Joseph Ulemu   August 9, 2021
PIC: Engineering students during the repairing event
Final year students from the Faculty of Engineering at MUBAS held a day-long Electrical, Electronic equipment and software repairing event on August 4th 2021.

The initiative aimed at raising funds for their 2021 Symposium which is scheduled for September 3rd 2021.

The 2021 Symposium is an annual event where students meet different experts and potential employers in the industry. They also showcase their skills and knowledge acquired on various areas of expertise.

The event was held in the cafeteria, under the theme Engineering Innovations for Sustainable and Technologically Developed Malawi. During the event, MUBAS community members brought with them electricity powered equipment and gadgets such as computers, phones and electrical appliances for fixing and repairing at a more reduced price. 

Speaking in an interview after the event, Engineering Symposium Fund-raising Director, Brian Nyirenda, expressed his optimism that the proceeds collected will go a long way in their resource mobilization drive. He said they had expected to raise about K500, 000 but the Covid-19 pandemic at hand put a limit to their expectation. 

“We have raised eighty-one thousand kwacha which is an impressive move. We actually wanted to sell out who we are and use the very skills we have acquired here at MUBAS to fix and repair equipment that run on electricity. The idea is to mobilise resources in terms of money that will all go into getting ourselves ready for the upcoming big event. We are really thankful for the support”, said Nyirenda.

Nyirenda further said in their subsequent activities, they intend to meet up various corporate institutions such as Blantyre City Council Officials to fix street lights in exchange for patronage of the event.

Engineering Symposium Chair, Glory Msiska said that they plan to raise about K15 million for this year’s symposium considering that they are a double intake.


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