Cooling made easy

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   March 2, 2020
PIC: Jasi receiving his certificate from the Minister Martha Chanjo Mhone
During the Malawi’s Design Innovators Competition 2020 which took place at the Polytechnic, a second year Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) student, Kondwani Jasi won the Best Innovative prototype award with his project of a Portable Solar Cooler.

This is a locally made cooler which was constructed from easy to find raw materials like form. These were used to create a cooling environment which is easy to control and is also affordable.

The cooler can be used to store and transport various products like perishable, vegetables, cold drinks from one destination to another without getting contaminated.

“I decided to create this portable solar cooler after learning the challenges which a friend who transfers milk was facing  because he could not use a refrigerator which requires electricity or a  normal cooler box which does not maintain the cool temperature for a certain period of time,” Jasi explained.

Jasi further highlighted that he indulged in research on how he could come up with something that does not use electricity and is also portable unlike the normal refrigerator which need stability since it uses gas and needs to be plugged in all the time.

The portable solar cooler can also be imperative in the health industry where hospital materials like insulin and blood could be transferred and transported without any problems of the cooling system.

Jasi went away with k100,000 plus a certificate for the Best Innovative Prototype.

The private or public sector are encouraged to sponsor this project so that it can be scaled up by producing these in different sizes based on the purpose it is intended to be used for.

Business people who deal with perishables, hospitals, even those on social gatherings, can use this cooler to keep drinks in a cool temperature for a long time.


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