Breaking the bias highlights International Women’s Day

News   Robin Phwetekele   March 30, 2022
PIC: The Vice Chancellor addressing the press
International women’s day has always been a day to celebrate women in ensuring that segregation is subjected in any of their operations and equality is promoted in the society they live. Malawi University of Business and Applied science joined women in celebrating the day with the theme ‘BREAKING THE BIAS’.

The theme has a strong connotation and it means that in a society we live in, women should be given equal opportunities in all areas so as to achieve social economic development. In celebrating the day, the Malawi University of Business and Applied sciences were joined by the principal secretary in ministry of industry Nwazi Thambala, the vice chancellor Nancy Chitera, and Dorothy Nampota a chief Executive Officer of MANEB.

As the theme suggest, the principal secretary had to highlight some of the issues needed to support women and how to empower them, whereby she insisted that women are industrious and domestic based, such that women would look down upon themselves and relay on men to head all necessary activities, in addition to that, she also emphasised that there is a need to balance and support women in all affairs.

Despite the motivation points, the principal secretary also stated that challenges have always been there and of which some of them were based on bias and positions in administrations and institutions being held by men rather than women. To fix these challenges, women are encouraged to be involved in SME businesses, being courageous, confident and being willing to access all policies that the government made in order to access opportunities.

To break the bias, women were also encouraged to excel and also be models of the infant ladies that would want to look upon them to excel, this also give an advantage towards the women empowerment strategies. Dorothy Nampota, the Chief Executive Officer, who then had to share her experience based on her education, where she highlighted that despite few women being employed, but they have to be proud of being privileged in the areas being employed. She also gave a good advice and confidence to the present women by describing them as finest, such that they generate knowledge and also being strategic developers in our societies. 

Furthermore, the chancellor Associate Professor, Nancy Chitera who also gave related points made by the invited guests, gave all the women present a powerful confidence, where she emphasized of mental society, basically also hinted on MUBAS not being a male based staff.

 In their remarks, where the principal secretary was presented with different gifts, and all women being presented with gifts at large. In addition to the event, a group photo which showed solidarity in support of breaking the bias was taken.

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