Beyond the stride “MUBAS fun” embraces charity

News   Bester Nyang'wa   March 28, 2022
PIC: Executive Dean, Dr Kamndaya, donating sanitary products
The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) has transformed its ordinary "MUBAS Fun Walks" into a powerful force for good. What began as a means for staff to enhance their physical well-being has evolved into a philanthropic journey, adding depth and purpose to each stride.

Venturing 53 kilometres south of Blantyre, the MUBAS Fun Walks have taken on the challenge of navigating the scenic route to Chikwawa, a district known for its susceptibility to annual natural disasters, particularly floods caused by torrential rainfall. The journey not only tests participants with its diverse terrain but also treats them to breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape leading to the meandering Shire River.

Beyond the physical exertion, MUBAS staff have developed a unique connection with the communities along their route. Victor Chikoti, the Sports Administrator at MUBAS, notes, "These are people we greet every time we are passing by. It is like we have become members of the same community."

When news of devastating floods reached the MUBAS community, it sparked a collective sense of responsibility. With unwavering support from the management, MUBAS staff mobilized a generous assortment of relief items, including toiletries, utensils, plastic sheets for roofing, and various food items. These essentials were then compassionately delivered to the affected communities in Chikwawa.

Victor Chikoti expressed his admiration for the overwhelming response from staff members, emphasizing that the charity initiative garnered even more participants than the typical fun walks. Reflecting on future plans, Chikoti envisions the institutionalized fun walks as a continuous gateway to reach out to vulnerable populations, including orphans, the homeless, the elderly, and others.

“The philanthropic spirit of the MUBAS Fun Walks will surely extend to other districts as part of our social corporate responsibility,’’ said Chikoti. As each step becomes a stride for change, MUBAS not only promotes physical well-being but also embodies the spirit of compassion, community, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

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