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Polytechnic exhibits at AU Summit
November 14, 2018, Hazviperi Mbizi
Polytechnic exhibits at AU Summit

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TempCras rescues Daily Board

News   Chapter Banda   February 1, 2019
PIC: TempCras
A Polytechnic lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Alinafe Kaliwo has said the device he invented, TempCras system, which monitors temperature, has been operational at Daily Board Malawi since its innovation.

TempCras system is used to monitor the readings of the temperature in cold-rooms, refrigeration systems and refrigerating vehicles even in transit.

Kaliwo started developing the device soon after graduating from the Polytechnic in 2015, where he was studying a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

The idea came in after he found that most of industries’ managers in Malawi face some challenges in monitoring temperatures in their cold-rooms.

In an interview with Kaliwo, he said the system has evolved over the time as it has new advancements.

“The system has got a lot of advancements over the time. Now, it has temperature sensors that are used to take temperature readings at specific interval. These temperature readings are sent to the server on the internet cloud where they are analyzed and kept. Therefore, this data is then accessed using a web-based interface upon which one, logs in by using username and password,” he explained.

He further elaborated that the new innovation allows the managers to view data as assets assigned to them in their companies.

“The system has also an ability to send notifications through short message service (SMS) and Email alerts whenever the temperature has gone beyond maximum value as configured in company’s system. In addition, the system will also show colour-coded values for the range of temperature readings as configured by the managers in the company,” he added.

Kaliwo further advised the students that they should not take their education only for classwork or exams, but to apply the skills that they have gained to solve problems that people are currently facing in the real world.

The TempCras system is being used by the Dairy Board Malawi Limited since its development till now.

According to the company’s Quality Assurance Officer, Juvesio Chitsonga the system helps them to improve their levels of efficiency in as far as addressing the issue of quality management is concerned.

“As most people know we are in a business of perishables. Therefore, this application will be of a great importance to our industry as it will notify us whenever temperatures are out of range. This in turn, will help us to act accordingly,” Chitsonga said.

He further said his company is planning to install the device in their distribution vehicles.

The TempCras system has some advantages over other temperature monitoring devices as it is not affected by geographical setup, costly-effective, works even though in areas with low internet service, user-friendly, it can also be used in both fixed and mobile devices. 

TempCras system currently is being piloted at Chipiku Plus Store at Game Complex in Lilongwe. 

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