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Polytechnic students hold innovations in construction sector symposium
November 6, 2018, Chapter Banda
Polytechnic students hold innovations in construction sector symposium

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Artificial intelligence system developed

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   August 6, 2019
PIC: Masikini
A fourth year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student at the Polytechnic, Sam Masikini has developed a voice controlling system, which he calls, Thandi.

This system is able to conduct an intruder detection alert, evidence capturing, facial recognition, voice control, gesture handling, smoke and fire detection plus electrical appliance control.

“Apart from enhancing security in the home, it is also there to make life easier for the disabled around the house and comfortability of house residents through automation of several tasks,” Masikini said.

In addition, he said that, this system also manages other existing systems installed in the house such as alarms, electric gates and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

This prototype is currently designed for a household but can be engineered for use by other structures, facilities and pursue more complex purposes.

Masikini further believes that if he gets proper financial support from the public and the private sector, the project can be scaled up to become a very powerful system.

Everson Nundwe an Information Technology Specialist at the Polytechnic observed that Masikini always has great ideas, which he says, are very rare. 

“With his projects he is able to motivate his fellow students in coming up with innovative ideas. This information technology genius needs to be supported in all aspects so that such projects like Thandi should be accessed locally than getting them from abroad,” Nundwe said.

Masikini decided to name it Thandi because it is designed to be a helping tool to mankind.


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