Mr C. Mwatsika- Head of Department



The Management Studies Department is one of the departments in the Faculty of Commerce at the Malawi Polytechnic. Currently, the department offers an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (PDMS) and three bachelors degree programmes; Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance (BAF), Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship (BCME) and Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management (BTM).

The general objective for the Management Studies Department is to offer demand-driven academic programmes that provide solutions to stakeholders' problems. To achieve its objective, the department strengthens its current programmes through periodic reviews, continuously endeavours to introduce new programmes to meet new market needs and growing demand for new management skills, knowledge and competencies in different industrial and commercial sectors, develops the ability of its academic staff to support the departments' programmes and works with key private and public stakeholders within a platform that offers continuous feedback.

Achievement of the stated objective of the department moves the University of Malawi towards achievement of its mission of advancing knowledge and professional competencies in science, technology, commerce and communication through excellence in demand driven education, research, consultancy and outreach.