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1.      Programme                                 :Bachelor of Science-Mathematical Sciences


2.      Course Code                               :EDU-314

3.      Course Title                                :Research Methods

4.      Year                                             :Three

5.      Semester                                                :One

6.      Presented to                              :Faculty of Applied Sciences/Senate

7.      Presented By                             :Mathematics and Statistics Dept./Applied Sciences


8.      Number of Lectures/week                 :Two

9.      Number of Tutorials/Seminars         :None

10.  Method of  Assessment                        :40% - Continuous Assessment - 60%  Final examination



The course is intended to introduce students to scientific research techniques in general and education in particular.


12.            OBJECTIVES

By the end of the course students should be able to:

¨       Distinguish between deductive and inductive reasoning.

¨       Formulate hypotheses

¨       Describe different types of educational research

¨       Develop data collection instruments

¨       Design and conduct small scale research project

¨       Distinguish between internal and external validity

¨       Analyse data using appropriate statistical techniques

¨       Write a research report


13.            TOPICS OF STUDY

a)     Meaning of research

-          What is research?

-          Characteristics of research and purpose

-          Types of research:  fundamental/pure research, action research and applied research

-          Place of research in education:  historical, descriptive and experimental research


b)     Selecting/choosing research problem

-          Defining a research problem

-          Research hypothesis

-          Hypothesis testing


c)      Planning and designing research

-          Ethical and legal considerations

-          Research design:  quantitative and qualitative

-          Sampling techniques

d)     Literature review and evaluation of research reports

-          Source of information

-          Purpose of literature review

-          Conducting literature review

-          Evaluation of research report

e)     Methods and tools for data collection

-          Questionnaire, interviews, tests, check lists and rating scales

f)       Statistical techniques and data analysis

-          Descriptive

-          Inferential

g)     Research report writing


14.            PRESCRIBED TEXT BOOK:

Borg, W.R. and Gall, M.D. (1989) Educational Research:  An Introduction:  New York, Longman


15.            RECOMMENDED BOOKS:

Cohen, L. and Manion, L. (1984) Methods of Educational Research.  Chicago, R and McNally and Company.

Glass, G.V. and Hopkins K.D. (1984) Statistical Methods in Education and Psychology.  Englewood Cliff: Prentice-Hall Inc.

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