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1.      Programme                                 :Bachelor of Science-Mathematical Sciences


2.      Course Code                               :EDU - 212

3.      Course Title                                :Introduction to Sociology of Education

4.      Year                                             :Two

5.      Semester                                                :One & two

6.      Presented to                              :Faculty of Applied Sciences/Senate

7.      Presented By                             :Mathematics & Statistics Dept/Faculty of Applied


8.      Lectures hours per week        :Two

9.      Tutorial hours per week          :None

10.  Method of  Assessment            :40% - Continuous Assessment - 60%  Final




To introduce prospective teachers to the knowledge and understanding of the field of sociology as it relates to the Educational Issues and Problems.


12.            OBJECTIVES OF STUDY

By the end of the course prospective teachers should be able to:

¨       Briefly describe the field of Sociology and explain how it relates to the field of Education

¨       Identify the role of Education in socialising the youth and explain how education reflects society. 

¨       Identify their role as teachers in the school organisation and how that relates to the other participants in the school system.

¨       Describe deviant behaviour as it relates to pupils in school in order to help them learn and          become useful members in the society.

¨       Define curriculum and discuss its relationship to the school  and society.



a)      Introduction to Sociology as a filed of study.

-          What is Sociology

-          Sociology as a science

-          How Sociology explains social phenomena


b)      Sociology of Education as a sub-discipline of Sociology

-          Origin and development of sociology of Education

-          Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education


c)       Society

-          Definition of Society

-          Groups in Society

-          Interaction

-          Individual in a Society


d)      Socilisation

-          Socialisation defined

-          Types of Socialisation

-          Agents of Socialisation



e)      The School as a Bereaucratic Organisation:

-          Bureaucratic Organisation defined

-          Characteristics of a Bureaucracy

-          The bureaucratic structure of a school

-          Comparing schools with other bureaucracies.


f)        Deviant Behaviour in Schools:

-          Norms

-          Deviant Behaviour and Forms of Deviation

-          Innovation

-          Ritualism

-          Retreatism

-          Excessive conformity

-          Factors contributing to deviation

-          Functions of deviation.


g)      Sociology of the Curriculum

-          Definition of Curriculum

-          Types of Curricula: Problem posing vs. the Banking approach to curricula.

-          The hidden curriculum and the Teacher’s Authority

-          Curriculum change.



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