Department of Computing and Information Technology

Head of Department Mr. Goodal Nyirenda
Campus Location Polytechnic Main Campus
Contacts 01872902
Faculty Faculty of Applied Sciences
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The Computing and Information Technology (CIT) Department is under the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and it offers three degrees—two undergraduate degrees and one post-graduate degree. 

What We Offer

The Department offers two undergraduate degrees and one postgraduate degree. The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills (maintenance; planning, designing and implementation of information systems infrastructure in either network or standalone environments) while focussing on technical components that make modern system from computer hardware and software technologies, electronics to networks and telecommunication. Also, it seeks to instill ethical and professional behaviour and entrepreneurship mind-set among the students. 

Relatedly, the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems seeks to enhance the building of technical capacity in information systems management in Malawi. In some ways, it is just like the BIT; however, whereas the BIT focuses on the hardware and software of information technology per se, the BIS degree is more focussed on the use of information technology to manage data. 

The one post-graduate degree offered by the CIT Department is the Ph.D. in Applied Sciences. The goal of the PhD-IT programme is to support Malawi’s economic development strategies through application of scientific research and tailor-made capacity building in public and private sector through application of ICT. The focus is on developing the candidates’ scientific competencies and research skills to enable them to identify critical issues and carry out scholarly research that contributes new theoretical constructs to advance knowledge and to inform public and private sector policy in the ICT sector. 

Other Ventures

As a growing sector in Malawi, and indeed right around the world, IT is driving the demand for professionals with expertise in various aspects. Here in Malawi, the committed academics in the CIT Department are among the most sought-after by the local industry. They are assisting in developing new protocols in the sector, besides also carrying out academic research.